Important Usage Guidelines

Before your Arrival...

Only named individuals on a Membership account can use the benefits of Membership as Membership is non-transferable. Family, Tilden, Reinhardt, and Mott Circles, and ‘34 Club Memberships include up to two named individuals (16 years or older with picture ID) and all children living in the same household. Basic Family Membership includes parking privileges and hangtags for two drivers per family. Only one Membership Card per named Member will be issued. Family Memberships with only one named individual on the account will be issued only one Membership Card.

When Entering the Regional Parks...

Members need to show one form of picture ID along with their personalized, valid Membership Card and parking permit when parking in lots with an attendant on duty. When entering swim centers or parks with fees, Members need to show one form of picture ID along with their valid Membership Card. Those Members who are not able to show picture ID along with their Membership Card and/or parking permit may be subject to parking fees and/or admission fees. Please note: When using the District's swim facilities they allow up to 5 children per adult. 

When Parking your Vehicle...

Parking permits must be properly displayed, hanging from your rear view mirror.

When entering parking lots with self-serve ticket machines, properly displayed parking permits are acceptable. Members do not need to purchase tickets.

  • Join us in celebrating the East Bay Regional Park District’s 90 years of milestones and history of environmental conservation and positive experiences in nature!

  • I notice how the hill has many dragonflies on it and how the crisp sunlight melts over the bugs, blending them in with cool shadows while the soft flowers come out from the damp forest floor. -Isla, Camper at Redwood Reinhardt Regional Park

  • East Bay Regional Parks are one of the best things about the Bay, I want everyone to be able to experience them. - Matt C., Member & Donor

  • This was the first field trip my students ever went on. The self-esteem, the joy and the fulfillment of being part of this special event supported growth and community life skills for each of my students! – Teacher at Turner Elementary in Antioch, Disability Fishing Derby Participant