Environmental Stewardship

The Regional Parks Foundation, along with our donors, members and volunteers, supports the East Bay Regional Park District's efforts to preserve parklands and open space and to protect biological recreational, and historically significant resources in the East Bay. 

Your donations help preserve parklands and open space! You can help keep healthy, thriving wildlife populations in your parklands by supporting stewardship projects such as:

  • Amphibian Ambassador - pond restoration projects to help the region's "moist-skinned" treasures (frogs) "leap" into the future
  • Burrowing Owl Buddies - conservation projects that build new "owl outposts" in which these "flying mouse traps" raise their young
  • Habitat Helpers - landscape ecology efforts to remove "green aliens" (non-native plants) and restore native, wildlife friendly plants
  • It's Your Tern - managing the nesting habitat for the endangered California least tern

Environmental Education Programs

The Kids Healthy Outdoors Challenge (KHOC) turns third grade educators into naturalists providing them the tools to teach their students about the parks, nature, and conservation. This academic program is a STEM (science, technology, engineering and Math) based curriculum targeted specifically for children and written to meet the core curriculum standards for environmental education required by the State. This program is provided to over 15 public schools throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties and through Regional Park Foundation support the program has grown to serve more than 4,000 students annually.

Donate now to support Environmental Stewardships programs such as Kids Healthy Outdoors Challenge.

  • Our active and fearless group loves going outdoors and the East Bay Regional Park District creates very user friendly experiences for us. – Gina Lombardi Gravert, Supervisor Martinez Senior Center

  • I just enjoy being out with my family and dog; it's so peaceful and beautiful. You're having fun even if it’s wet and muddy. I’m like a little kid out there. – Gary Savell, Army Veteran Member

  • Our kids benefit tremendously from being outside of their community and venturing into nature, even though it’s just 15 minutes away. – Jennifer Pennybacker, Fifth-grade Teacher