Frequently Asked Questions - Individual Memberships


  1. What is a Senior Partner Pass?  
  2. What is an Angler Membership? 
  3. My spouse has an Individual Membership. Does this mean that I can use his/her parking placard in order to bypass the parking fee? 
  4. What is included in my Membership?
  5. If I buy an additional Dog Pass, does that mean that I can only bring one dog into a Regional Park?   
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1. What is a Senior Partner Pass?

The Senior Partner Pass is a second, discounted Senior Membership Card that is sent to the address of the person buying the full-price Senior Individual Membership. Because of the discounted nature, the Senior Partner Pass includes the single benefit of day-use parking only. The Senior Partner, as in all other Memberships, must be a named individual. A Senior Partner Pass can only be purchased with a Senior Individual Membership or Senior Angler Membership - it cannot be purchased by itself. 

2. What is an Angler Membership?
An Angler Membership is a combination of an Individual Membership, an Annual Park District Fishing Permit, and an Annual Park District Boat Launching Permit. It includes all of the benefits of Basic Membership.


3. My spouse has an Individual Membership. Does this mean that I can use his/her parking placard in order to bypass the parking fee?
No. Only the named individual on the Membership can use the Membership benefits, such as using the day-use parking placard to bypass the day-use parking fee.


4. What is included in my Membership?
As either an Individual or a Family Member, you will receive:

  • Personalized Membership Cards for each named individual.
  • Unlimited Day-Use Parking for each cardholder.
  • One annual dog pass (good for one dog).
  • Free swimming during the swim season.
  • Free admission to Ardenwood Historic Farm on NON-event days.
  • Free Black Diamond Mines Underground tours (must be at least 7 years of age to tour the mines, restrictions apply – see the Benefits page for more details)
  • Two one-day fishing passes
  • Subscription to Regional in Nature (an activities newsletter) and Compass, an exclusive magazine for Members and Donors.
  • Camping discounts: $10 off per night November-March and $5 off per night April-October on one campsite only. $8 camping reservation fee applies. Discounts will be honored first-come, first-served at the campground or reservations made by phone through the East Bay Regional Park District Reservations Department at (888) 327-2757, option 2. Discounts will not be applied to online reservations. All cancellations made over 3 days before the reservation date(s) will incur an $8 transaction fee as well as additional charges. 
  • The option of purchasing Add-on features.
  • Discounts from Urban Park Concessionaires*:
    • 50% off one-hour tram tours at Angel Island State Park. Please visit
    • 25% off the facility use fee for a weekend group picnic of 10 or more at Little Hills Ranch. Please visit

* Note: Certain restrictions apply, and discounts can not be combined with any other offers. For more information regarding these benefits, please call us at (510) 544-2220, or email us at


5. If I buy an additional Dog Pass, does that mean that I can only bring one dog into a Regional Park?
No. The standard benefits of all Membership packages include one Dog Pass. If you purchase one additional Dog Pass, you will be allowed to bring two dogs into the Regional Park. If you have three dogs you would like to bring into the park, you would purchase a Membership and two Additional Dog Passes.


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Note for Current Members

If you are already a Member of the Regional Parks Foundation, and would like to renew your Membership or purchase a gift of membership --- please follow these simple steps:

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Thank you for your patience and for your participation as a Member with the Regional Parks Foundation!