Donor Circle Membership

All Donor Circle Membership packages include:

  • One Family Membership package for up to two named individuals and all children.
  • Special invitations to both public and private events hosted throughout the Park District.
  • The opportunity to help others enjoy the Regional Parks who might not otherwise have the chance.

Tilden Donor Circle Member - $250

Reinhardt Donor Circle Member - $500

Mott Donor Circle Member - $750

'34 Club Member - $1,200

All Membership purchases are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

The Regional Parks Foundation's Federal Tax ID # is 23-7011877.

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Note for Current Members

If you are already a Member of the Regional Parks Foundation, and would like to renew your Membership or purchase a gift of membership --- please follow these simple steps:

1) If you are new to this website, log in here to create a new user account. This enables us to link you to your current Membership record.

2) Please allow 48 hours for us to process your online registration. You will receive an e-mail once your online user account has been linked to your Membership record.

3) Upon receipt of the new user e-mail, log in using your user name / password combination.

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Thank you for your patience and for your participation as a Member with the Regional Parks Foundation!