Program Initiatives

Each year, the Regional Parks Foundation is poised to generate support for 6 ongoing program initiatives:

These six program areas are the major focus of the Regional Parks Foundation's private fundraising efforts. Support for these initiatives is raised through direct mail solicitations, signature events, estate planning workshops, face-to-face donor meetings, newsletter publications, Membership sales, corporate sponsorships and partnerships, recreational programming sign-ups, and grant writing, in addition to investment gains managed as part of the Foundation's Endowment, a program that allows donors to leave a lasting legacy gift.

The primary source of revenue for the Regional Parks Foundation is Membership sales as the Regional Parks Foundation operates the annual Membership Program for the East Bay Regional Park District. Currently, the Program boasts nearly 8,000 individual constituents who hold either a Family or Individual Membership. Private, individual and corporate contributions also make up a significant portion of the Foundation's annual fundraising goals followed by grant income received through a robust and diversified grant writing effort.