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Please note that the new membership categories and benefits will not take effect until January 2017. As a result, the new membership categories will not be available for online purchase until early January. However, the new categories can be purchased or renewed by calling the Membership office 510.544.2220. Renewing members can also mail in the renewal notices – new categories and benefits will be listed.

After reading these instructions, scroll down to select your Membership type.

If you are looking to renew a Membership, or purchase a new Membership, you need to log in (via the button in the top right-hand corner of this page) and register to create a User Name and Password before your Membership transaction can be processed.


To renew a Membership, or purchase a new Membership, please select the approprate category below, and then click Next. Any questions, simply send them to Membership Questions.


**Important Notes:

Please allow 14-18 business days to process your online Membership application and to receive your Membership Cards and parking placards.
You can begin using Membership benefits after receiving your acknowledgement in your email, this will be your temporary until your actual material arrives in the mail.
  • All Memberships include up to three annual dog passes.
For a complete list of Membership benefits, please CLICK HERE.
The Senior with Partner Membership has been discontinued as of January 2017. Please call the Membership office to renew or mail in your renewal notice. Please DO NOT submit this request online.
  • Special Access: CURRENT Proof of eligibility required. Senior (62 years of age and older (copy of photo ID or birthdate), disabled person (copy from DMV disabled person placard receipt or registration), veteran (DD214 or Veteran Universal Access ID), and student (copy of schedule, registration or school ID). Email your proof of eligibility to or fax it to (510) 635-3478 (attn: Membership) in order to complete the application process.
  • Please click "Join Now" or Renew Now" only once. If you click the purchase button more than once your credit card may be charged multiple times.

NOTE: Do NOT click the browser back button, as this may result in duplicate transactions charged to your credit card.

Individual Memberships
To become a new Member, please select the Membership category you would like, provide the appropriate information, and click Next.

Seniors (62+), Disabled, Veterans, Students


Seniors (62+), Disabled, Veterans, Students

Donor Circle Membership


Donor Circle Membership

Donor Circle Membership

Donor Circle Membership

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