Corporate Gift Matching

Maximize Your Impact!

The Regional Parks Foundation (RPF) is excited to offer an easy and efficient way for donors to increase their donations through corporate gift matching. Many people do not know that their employer will match all or a part of their charitable gift. Using the link below, search to see if your company will match your personal contributions.

If your company has a matching gifts program, simply click the box that says "My company will match my gift" on the Billing Information page and enter your company's name in the box. Companies that have a matching gifts program and are not included in your search results can be submitted for review.

Most companies will ask donors to complete and return a short form or they may require the Foundation's tax identification number, which is 23-7011877. While RPF appreciates the support through Membership participation, Membership purchases are not considered donations and hence, are not tax deductible nor are they eligible for gift matching. If you have additional questions, please email the Foundation at

Check for a Match: