Important Usage Guidelines

Before your Arrival...

Only named individuals on a Membership account can use the benefits of Membership as Membership is non-transferable. Family, Tilden, Reinhardt, and Mott Circles, and ‘34 Club Memberships include up to two named individuals (16 years or older with picture ID) and up to four children for a maximum of six people living in the same household. Basic Family Membership does not include parking privileges for more than two drivers per family. Families with more than four children can purchase additional benefits at a rate of $10 per child (ages 1-17). Additionally, families who already have two named individuals on the account and who wish to purchase an additional parking permit for their teen may do so at a cost of $25 per teen (ages 16-17 only). In this case, teens will be issued their own personal Membership Card along with a parking permit.

Only one Membership Card per named Member will be issued. Family Memberships with only one named individual on the account will be issued only one Membership Card.

When Entering the Regional Parks...

Members need to show one form of picture ID along with their personalized, valid Membership Card and parking permit when parking in lots with an attendant on duty. When entering swim centers or parks with fees, Members need to show one form of picture ID along with their valid Membership Card. Those Members who are not able to show picture ID along with their Membership Card and/or parking permit may be subject to parking fees and/or admission fees.

Family Membership includes a slightly different Membership Card system than Individual Membership does. Family Membership includes up to two cards for two named individuals (named individuals must have picture ID and be at least 16 years of age). When issued two Family Membership Cards, one of the cards is identified as the “Key Card,” while the other is marked “SEC” for Secondary. The “Key Card” provides access into the Regional Parks for your entire family. The secondary card provides access for only one named adult. Because both named individuals are printed on each Family Membership Card, the two cards may be exchanged between the two named Members. It is important to remember that for families with children, whichever named Member is entering the Regional Parks with the children, needs to have the Key Card in his/her possession when using a Regional Park with entry and/or swim fees. Free day-use parking is available to both the Key and Secondary Card holder regardless of how many people are in the car.

When Parking your Vehicle...

Parking permits must be properly displayed, hanging from your rear view mirror.

When entering parking lots with self-serve ticket machines, properly displayed parking permits are acceptable. Members do not need to purchase tickets.