Environmental Restoration and Habitat Enhancement

While retaining flexibility to serve the East Bay Regional Park District as needed, the Foundation annually raises funds to provide support for a group of core program initiatives. One of the core programs is Environmental Restoration and Habitat Enhancement.

You can help keep healthy, thriving wildlife populations in your parklands by supporting one or all of the projects listed below:

  • Amphibian Ambassador - pond restoration projects to help the region's "moist-skinned" treasures (frogs) "leap" into the future
  • Black Rail Habitat Enhancement - restoring nesting habitat for the State threatened California Black Rail
  • Breeding Bird Biologist - restoration and research projects to conserve and manage riparian woodland and wetland-dependent nesting birds
  • Burrowing Owl Buddies - conservation projects that build new "owl outposts" in which these "flying mouse traps" raise their young
  • Covey Conservationist - habitat enhancement projects to preserve and protect our state bird, the California Quail
  • Forest of the Future - helping acorn eating wildlife through the planting and tending of oak woodlands
  • Habitat Helpers - landscape ecology efforts to remove "green aliens" (non-native plants) and restore native, wildlife friendly plants
  • It's Your Tern - managing the nesting habitat for the endangered California Least Tern
  • Lizard Legionnaire - reptile research and grassland management efforts to conserve our region's web of life
  • Restoration Rangers - crafting critter condos (wood duck, tree swallow, and western grebe), then planting vegetation to benefit wildlife


Wildlife Partners

Witnessing the dramatic courtship of a pair of red-tailed hawks or the tender maternal bond between a doe and her fawn connects you to wildlife in a special way. You can play a key role at keeping this special connection alive for generations to come. Please consider becoming a Wildlife Partner by donating your financial support or volunteering your time to preserve our fabulous wildlife.

The San Francisco Bay Area is the 4th-largest metropolitan area in the nation. The population increase over the last two centuries has dramatically changed the face of the land, placing many wildlife species and their habitats in jeopardy. Our responsibility is to manage and promote the healthy balance of all native wildlife.

Today, more than ever, the management and conservation of the Park District's diverse and treasured wildlife requires cautious stewardship, hands-on public involvement, and new sources of supportive funding. As you experience the sights and sounds of your East Bay Regional Parks, consider your special place in them, and the role you can play to preserve this rich natural grandeur for generations to come.

To volunteer, please CLICK HERE. To make a donation, please CLICK HERE.