Board of Directors

The Foundation is currently governed by a 15-member Board of Directors that is composed of corporate leaders from all over the East Bay. The Foundation's by-laws allow the Board to grow up to 21 members. A contract between the Foundation and Park District sets forth the role of the Foundation in terms of fundraising and promotion of the Park District and its programs as well as the support the Park District will in turn provide for the Foundation.


William Acevedo Wendel, Rosen, Black, & Dean
William Yarborough Bank of America
John Dilsaver Real Estate Broker
Robert Jacques Destination Wealth Management

Lisa Baldinger

City of Pittsburg

Jess Brown

Pacific Gas & Electric

Christina Clark

Artistic Studios

Chip Conradi

The Clorox Company

Cynthia Deaver

Wells Fargo Asset Management | Wells Capital Management

Patricia Deutsche

Tesoro Refining - Marketing Company

Nathan Falk

Terasu, LLC

Peter Liu

Clean Energy Advantage Partners

Jenny Mack

Kaiser Permanente, Northern California

Thomas Meier

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

Helane Morrison

Hall Capital Partners, LLC

George Sloan

Education Consultant

Rand H. Swenson

Retired Refinery Manager

Ex Officio  
Whitney Dotson President, Board of Directors, East Bay Regional Park District
Life Directors  
Peter Oswald Sunset Development Company
Steve Costa  
Walter Costa  
John Knox  
Richard L. Spees  
Director of Operations, Programs & Development    
Executive Director  
Carol Johnson East Bay Regional Park District