Regional Parks Foundation

2016 Annual Report

Gaining Traction,
Building Momentum

Supporting East Bay Regional Parks Since 1969!

Access for All

Hayward RS Bay Trail Bikers
photo: Joseph Morris


& Values

The Regional Parks Foundation supports the East Bay Regional Park District through fundraising to provide universal access, environmental stewardship, educational and recreational programs and the acquisition of parklands.

At the Regional Parks Foundation we believe connections with nature are critical for leading a healthy, balanced life. Every day, we provide resources to ensure underserved populations have equal access to nature through the East Bay Regional Park District’s parks, trails, programs and services. As a result of what we do, lives are changed, and we inspire the next generation of environmental stewards to value and protect open space and the environment.

8,997 people served in 2016,
a 121% increase from 2015!

YMCA Camp Arroyo


Board Letter

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to share this 2016 Annual Report with you, our members and donors, whose generous contributions have boldly blazed a path for the Regional Parks Foundation to “Gain Traction and Build Momentum”!

It is our hope that this report highlights the impact of your generous support whether through memberships, grants and donations, or participation in the new 1-in-a-Million Sustainer’s Circle. We know it is only through the kindness of this community that we could beat our goal and raise $2.1 million to provide “Universal Access” to the most vulnerable. We do this through transportation assistance, camp scholarships “Camperships”, and social education for seniors; Environmental Stewardship through habitat restoration and wildlife protection; and Health, Wellness and Safety through Trails Challenge, Multi-Cultural Wellness Walks, SHINE, and more.

In addition, the Foundation received a generous land donation of 50 acres valued at $3.75 million from Antioch Holdings, LLC. This land was transferred to the East Bay Regional Park District where it preserves the last remaining undeveloped portion of ridgeline between Black Diamond Mines and Contra Loma Regional Parks.

We believe the Foundation is on a path to making an even bigger difference for our East Bay Regional Parks by increasing our support to expand services for the underserved, protect cultural and natural resources, and improve infrastructure for enhanced visitor experiences. We invite you to celebrate your accomplishments and we hope you will continue to partner with us on this journey.



William Yarborough Signature

William Yarborough
Board President

Lake Temescal;
photo: Cali Godley

$2,160,147 raised in 2016,
a 26% increase over 2015




residents in Alameda
and Contra Costa



Park District visitors in 2016


Regional Parks Foundation members



The Regional Parks Foundation ensures “access for all” by funding programs that make it easy for the most underserved in our community to enjoy their Regional Parks. Programs include transportation through Parks Express, Multi-Cultural Wellness Walks, Senior Outreach, and Camp Scholarships “Camperships” for youth.

Funded 111 bus trips to parks

Point Pinole Regional Shoreline
photo: Cali Godley



Your donations for Youth Development, also known as “Campership,” programs support under-resourced children and youth. You give children the opportunity to attend camp, experience parks, learn through award-winning environmental education programs and gain skills through employment.

Key initiatives include: Park’n It Day Camp, Camp Arroyo, Swimming Lessons and Scholarships for Junior Lifeguards, Ash Street Day Camp, Teen Eco Action Week and Youth Job Fairs.

YMCA Camp Arroyo



total served in Youth Development

121% increase!


youth served in the
Boating Scholarships Program


youth served through Mobile Fish Exhibit


kids served through Fishing Derbies



kids attending Park'n It
Summer Day Camp Program


kids served through Camp Arroyo


kids attending
Community Outreach
Outdoor Programs


swim lessons and
Jr. Lifeguards



The Foundation invites our community to engage with us by volunteering, donating, becoming a member or attending a variety of educational and outreach events.


A great way to show support for the East Bay Regional Parks and explore all the parks have to offer! The newly revamped program offers options for individuals, families and special access pricing for veterans, seniors, students and persons with disabilities.


Gifts to the Regional Parks Foundation provide resources to protect open space, preserve wildlife habitats, and educational and recreational opportunity’s where you inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.


Our planned giving program supports donors wishing to leave a legacy through a gift that will help protect their favorite park or continue a program that matters most to them.

Corporate Engagement Program:

Every year the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) has more than 16,000 volunteers contribute over 155,000 hours of service to the parks. The RPF Corporate Engagement Program provides corporations with volunteer opportunities throughout the year including: shoreline clean-ups, trail maintenance and trail building, and park stewardship projects. Corporations also participate by providing event sponsorships, matching gifts, and grants to support projects.

Nancy and Gary Harrington at Shadow Cliffs
Regional Recreation Area; photo: Cali Godley



Individuals make an enormous impact by leaving a varity of legacy gifts from cash, stocks, real estate, IRA’s, charitable trusts and more. These support the important work to preserve open space, maintain trails, and keep the parks beautiful and accessible.


in 2016


bequest from Jill
Bryans Trust
(RPF and Botanic Garden)


Philip Scholz
Memorial (New
trail at Pleasanton


bequest from
Charles Campe


gift from V. Lorel
Bergeron Living
Trust (Tilden Little


Special Gifts

Donors Nancy and Gary Harrington made a special $50,000 gift for the design of the Park District’s first open Interpretive Pavilion at Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area! Once constructed, this pavilion will serve as the gateway to the natural area of Shadow Cliffs where it will showcase the natural, cultural, and philanthropic history of the park.


Special Gift


for Shadow Cliffs Pavilion Design
donated by Nancy and Gary Harrington

Point Pinole Regional Shoreline;
photo: Cali Godley





Crab Cove at Crown Beach
photo: Juliana Schirmer



The 1-in-a-Million Sustainer’s Circle is an opportunity for 4,000 donors to join together by contributing $21/mo or $250/year. Donors enrolled in the 1-in-a-Million Sustainer’s Circle, collectively contribute $1 million a year to protect open space, sustain parklands and provide excellent educational programs for youth!




Raised in first 2 months of the campaign!


Corporate Projects




PG&E to Reduce Fire Hazards


Drake’s Brewing Co. for Trails Maintenance


Tesoro Refifinery for Mobile Incident Command Center


REI for Trails Maintenance


Fremont Bank for Horse Trailer for Mounted Horse Patrol


Kaiser Permanente Trails Challenge and various health, multi-cultural and personal development programs.


Environmental Stewardship

The Regional Parks Foundation, along with our donors, members and volunteers, supports the East Bay Regional Park District’s efforts to preserve parklands and open space and to protect biological, recreational and historically significant resources in the East Bay.



pounds of
debris removed


pounds of
recyclables collected


hours of
volunteer labor


shoreline sites
cleaned up


Ivan Dickson Volunteers


Ivan Dickinson Trails Events


Leona Canyon Rifle Range Creek Restoration

With your support, the Foundation provided $15,000 to the Park District’s Stewardship Department to reduce damage and repair habitat along Rifle Range Creek in Leona Canyon Regional Open Space. Some makeshift paths created over time by park visitors resulted in trampled plants that killed vegetation and exposed the soil to erosion. Residues from the impacted areas entered the water flow and sediments began to clog the creek, impacting the wildlife that depends on this riparian ecosystem. The Park District used these funds to thin out the willow branches that were impeding the flow and reused the same branches, by bundling and anchoring them to the ground, to catch the soil and prevent further sediment from entering the creek.

Coastal Clean-up Caltrans:

A generous grant from Caltrans enabled the Park District to engage with 3,183 volunteers, who provided 8,949 hours of community service at 37 sites along the shoreline, to remove invasive species, plant 20 native trees and remove nearly 23,700 lbs. of debris to preserve coastal habitats.

Ivan Dickson Trails

Since 1996 the Ivan Dickson Volunteer Trail Maintenance Program has managed 209 trail projects with 10,087 volunteers contributing over 39,938 hours of volunteer labor. We are thankful for REI, Inc.’s ongoing support for the program and welcome Drake’s Brewing Company as a new sponsor.

Sunol Regional Wilderness
photo: Cali Godley


Health, Wellness, Safety —
Healthy Parks, Healthy People

Since 2012, Regional Parks Foundation has proudly supported the Healthy Parks, Healthy People Bay Area Initiative with programs such as Trails Challenge, Kids Healthy Outdoors Challenge, Parks RX, and our newest program, SHINE (Stay Healthy in Nature Everyday).

Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area;
photo: Mona Koh

“Bigges” the dog; photo: Diane Peterson


Health and Wellness

Trails Challenge

Celebrating the 23rd year of Trails Challenge with nearly 10,000 participants.

Multi-Cultural Walks

Thanks to a generous grant from Kaiser Permanente in 2016, the Park District hosted five multicultural wellness walks attracting an average of 125 participants per walk. These walks represented both young and old members of the diverse communities that make up the Alameda and Contra Costa counties, particularly Latino, Korean, Chinese, African American, Filipino and South Asian.

10 years of Kaiser Permanente
supporting Trails Challenge



In keeping with its mission to provide safe access to the East Bay Regional Parks, the Foundation funds a variety of programs and equipment to protect and educate park guests. From water safety equipment to bike bells and helmets our goal is to increase safety for human and animal visitors.

Mounted Horse Patrol

To cover large, inaccessible areas, the EBRPD utilizes one of the nation’s oldest policing tools—mounted patrol units. The method, which might seem a little old-fashioned, continues to be a valuable resource in urban areas and in the parks. The RPPD currently has 2 full-time horse mounted officers to patrol the parks with plans to expand the mounted patrol unit. To enable the RPPD to expand its equestrian force Fremont Bank covered the cost of a new 4-horse trailer. The new trailer replaces a 3-horse trailer that is approximately 20 years old and at the end of its useable life.

Aquatics Outreach and Swim Lessons

With funding from the Regional Parks Foundation, Lifeguard Services provides a variety of high quality outreach programs in East Bay Parks and in the community., These include water safety presentations at elementary schools, 3 Aquatic Adventure Camps in Richmond, Antioch and Livermore, and Vamos a Aprender at Del Valle Regional Park.

In addition, the Foundation provides funding for swim lessons and loaner life jackets that are available for park guests.

Photo: Eric Nurse

707 kids took swim lessons or
participated in Jr. Lifeguards

EBRPD Public Safety


Mobile Incident Command Center

Rapid response to fires, natural disasters, accidents and public safety incidents is very important to the safety of the Park District’s 25 million visitors each year. To ensure the Park District is ready to respond to emergencies spanning thousands of miles, and to ensure its capacity to effectively communicate with partnering agencies, the Tesoro Foundation provided a $75,000 grant for the purchase of a new Mobile Incident Command Center vehicle. The unit will be built and delivered in 2017 and it will provide the resources needed to flexibly and nimbly coordinate air, ground and aquatic resources in the future.

Bike Bells and Helmets

To promote harmonious interactions between walkers, runners, bicyclists and equestrian riders on EBRPD trails, the Park District hosts numerous trailside informational events to share tips about safety and proper passing etiquettes. As part of the ring out and call out program, the Park District hands out bike bells and helmets to bicyclists to increase safety and reduce conflicts between cyclists and other trail users. 930 bells and 690 bicycle tail lights were handed out in 2016.


Financials & Fundraising


Board and
Staff List

William Yarborough

Chip Conradi
Vice President

John Dilsaver

Robert Jacques

Lisa Baldinger

Jess Brown

Christina Clark

Patricia Deutsche

Nathan Falk

Les Hausrath

Audree Jones-Taylor

Peter Liu

Jenny Mack

Thomas Meier

Helane Morrison

Brian Sharpes

George Sloan

Ex Officio:

Doug Siden
EBRPD Board President

Carol Johnson
Executive Director

Juliana Schirmer
Development Director

Raj Hajela
Foundation Administrator

Michele Kageura
Membership Development Officer

Levan Earle
Membership and Development Associate

Thank you to our partners at the East Bay Regional Park District

Robert Doyle
General Manager

EBRPD 2016 Board of Directors:

Whitney Dotson
Ward 1

John Sutter
Ward 2

Dennis Waespi
Ward 3

Doug Siden
Ward 4

Ayn Wieskamp
Ward 5

Beverly Lane
Ward 6

Diane Burgis
Ward 7

Front cover: Coyote Hills Regional Park; photo: Cali Godley
Back cover: Miller Knox Regional Shoreline; photo: Mona Koh

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